Common Questions

What can I expect from psychotherapy? 

It can be a daunting experience meeting a new therapist and starting on your journey. The important thing to keep in mind is that therapy is a process that moves at your pace. The truth is that you are the expert on you! Psychotherapy requires a commitment to yourself and to the time you have set aside fro your sessions. Attending your sessions on time each week makes a difference in the quality of your treatment and outcomes. Each session will be a collaborative process to create space to identify and process issues and themes in your life that you feel could be improved upon to live your best life. Good therapy always puts you, the client, in the driver seat. 

How long will therapy take? 

The short answer to this is that therapy takes as long as you need it in your life to process what brought you in. An ethical therapist will never keep you “on the couch” a session longer than you need it. As a solution focused therapist it is important that I understand your goals, your expectations and how we can most efficiently achieve these together. 

How often should I come to therapy and how long is a session? 

It is advisable that as a new client you regularly attend one session a week. A case by case basis will identify the need for an increase or decrease in frequency based on personally expressed need and the therapist’s clinical judgement. Sessions are 50 minutes for individuals and couples, however, clients can opt to book 90 minute sessions if they believe this would be beneficial. Couples are strongly encouraged to consider 90 minute sessions to accommodate an additional individual in the room. 

What to expect at my first session? 

Prior to coming to your first session you will be provided with intake paperwork to complete and bring with you. The first session will allow us to get to know one another and understand what has brought you to seek therapeutic services. This session is the perfect time to ask any questions you may have about what your therapeutic journey will entail. It is also a good time to discuss logistics such as scheduling and payment. 

What if I do not feel we are a good fit? 

That is okay! Any good therapist will understand that their style will not suit every client. You deserve the best fit for your journey and if that is not me then I would be happy to help you find someone who is.